Cleanse, Heal, Restore Vitality & Feel Better than You’ve Felt in Years!

Experience 10 transformative whole body & mind detox and rejuvenation days, step by step hands-on recipe preparation, dynamic group classes, provocative individual sessions, innovative healing and anti-aging therapies, and spa treatments.

Green Smoothy


Detoxify and help heal your body and mind at a cellular level through nourishing plant-based, organic, raw, living foods, tonics, brain balancing techniques, and cutting edge equipment.

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Inside and Out. Strategically move, increase neuroplasticity and learn techniques to calm the mind, strengthen the spirit, and change your response to life stressors.

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Experience sound emotional health, supportive relationships, positive ways of thinking, loving connections and deep inner happiness.

This Month’s Featured Classes and Therapies

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Our Organic, Plant-based, Raw and Living Foods provide important phyto-nutrients, enzymes, probiotics, vitamins, and minerals needed to heal and maintain optimal health. Learn quick and easy food preparation techniques to unlock these life-giving and healing nutrients shown to prevent, halt and sometimes reverse chronic disease such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, auto-immune and others.

the psychology of happiness

Mindful Communication and positive psychology classes help release old or ineffective patterns of response to life. Instill positive ways of thinking that create and deepen inner happiness. Learn tools to improve connections- with yourself and others.


Lose weight, shed excess fat and calories, firm and tone muscles, increase energy and endurance, relieve aches and pains, boost mental acuity, overcome food addiction,  increase flexibility and stamina, regain a youthful body. Gentle and safe. Mobility not required.


Lymphatic and small-muscle twitch stimulation, with near, far and mid infrared. These support the immune system in quickly eliminating toxins and expel impurities that are being released during the detox and provides many anti-aging benefits, increases metabolic rate, reduces bloating, helps achieve the perfect balance of body and mind.

Here’s what Living Foods Institute participants are saying

My glucose numbers were around 125 when I began [with daily diabetes medications]. They are now around 85 with alternating meds every other day. I also lost 16 pounds, all of this in just 10 days; now that’s a testimony!!!
Marcel Dozier
The foods are nourishing, energizing, delicious and beautiful. I can’t believe the difference in my body and how my energy level has increased after several days of being on living foods.
Kathryn Cook
This course opened my eyes to believing in my personal healing for the 1’st time since the dis-ease diagnosis (7yrs ago) of ALS (Lou Gehrigs). I was a “wreck” when I came to the Inst. I had lost my will to live and mostly stayed isolated in my home. My daughter found out about Living Foods and she wanted me to come but at first I didn’t want to because I didn’t think it would do me any good. I was having a lot of trouble swallowing and I didn’t think I would be able to even eat the foods, but I am happy to say, I was wrong. The energy soup (I didn’t like at first) tasted better everyday and after the first 3 days my swallowing improved so much I wanted to shout hallelujah. I was in a wheelchair when I came in because my legs were so weak. By Day 6 I was walking around on my own. I was shocked, but my daughter said that she knew that would happen. I got better everyday and I was sleeping so sound at night (I hadn’t had a good nights sleep in years) that I felt more refreshed and had more energy than I can remember when. I am now a believer in herbs, colonics, foods and going within (emotionally) to heal. I never knew that the way I thought and my emotions could play such a part in my getting this disease.
Meredith P., Florida
I came to the Living Foods Institute with epilepsy, memory problems, and general fatigue. After going through the program I feel 100% better! The emotional as well as the physical therapies have done more good for me than any doctor or medication has ever done. Thus, I am seizure free, my memory has improved, I have wonderful energy, my vitality is higher that it has ever been… and I got the bonus of losing 5 pounds.
MW, Atlanta, Ga.
I sort of crash landed here. My life had become massively out of balance and I felt if I did not get control of my health I was going to see a long, hard road ahead. I NEEDED A SANCTUARY. The Institute offered me a safe haven where I could let go, heal myself and receive the encouragement to embrace change. I am grateful Living Foods was the oasis I needed to turn it all around.
Keith P.
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